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The way in which healthcare is delivered and managed is in the midst of a significant transformation and it is being driven by major financial, societal and industry forces. The healthcare industry is now moving towards a consumer-centric, value-based care delivery business model which seeks to improve care quality and access whilst lowering costs. This model heavily depends upon digitalisation and access to better and more time sensitive information.


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  • The real-time health system paradigm will be required to identify and address those challenges and opportunities which result from healthcare reform, highlighting financial realities whilst meeting new consumer and patient expectations
  • Most healthcare providers are unaware and therefore unprepared to capitalise on the sophisticated and operational intelligence impacting the patient which is now readily available
  • Manual processes still remain the status quo in the industry and moving to automated systems must be advocated by informed and inspired leadership willing to push the boundaries in enterprise operations and culture
  • Real-time healthcare system principles must be applied to every process within the healthcare value chain

As technology continues to play a more critical role in the business strategies of healthcare providers, suppliers and stakeholders, DATA GROUP SOLUTIONS (DGS) are at the forefront of the digitalisation of healthcare systems through our suite of software platforms, specifically designed to meet the needs and criteria of this fast-changing industry. We are applying technology solutions and advanced analytics to the fundamental redesign of the industry, the hospital and the practice of medicine. The modern healthcare organisation includes software systems and technologies from many generations that holistically tend to be impediments rather than enablers, of progress. DATA GROUP SOLUTIONS (DGS) provide platforms that work symbiotically and as the role of IT becomes that of navigators from the traditional, disjointed operation to the digital streamlined healthcare model, our situational awareness and operational intelligence can assist those responsible for the implementation of IT by eliminating the waste and latency inherent in many manual processes whilst working towards improving care quality, business operations and patient experience.

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, refer to this next-generation healthcare delivery operational and technology model as the real-time health system (RTHS). This model defines what DATA GROUP SOLUTIONS (DGS) do – the transformation of the healthcare delivery model into an efficient, consumer and patient friendly enterprise whose nature and reach will create more and better care options and ultimately, an improved healthcare experience.

DATA GROUP SOLUTIONS (DGS) and The Real-Time Health System (RTHS)

In 1999, Kevin Ashton coined the term ‘the Internet of Things’(IoT). Gartner added it to the list of new technologies in 2011 and since then, IoT has gained global coverage as more companies worked on advancing and applying it. IoT technology is an umbrella term that refers to connected physical and digital components. There are currently 5 types of IoT applications:

  • Consumer IoT – for example, home appliances
  • Commercial IoT – for example, applications of IoT in the healthcare and transport industries such as monitoring systems
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – for example, digital control systems and big data
  • Infrastructure IoT – for example, connectivity of smart cities through management systems and apps
  • Military Things (IoMT) – for example, robots for surveillance in the military field


There are currently over 31 billion IoT devices (2020) and this represents a huge opportunity for the healthcare industry to increase the quality of information and situational awareness they have surrounding the consumer and the patient. When devices (‘things’), directly or indirectly, connect to the internet, they naturally become an extension of that enterprise. The RTHS is IoT in practice. Fundamentally, the RTHS is about possessing the right information at the right time and having the means to use it effectively and productively. Therefore, healthcare delivery organisations will have to expand their use of location and condition sensing technologies, communications and collaborative tools, integration, embedded technologies, interoperability standards and mobile devices to successfully operate as a RTHS.

DATA GROUP SOLUTIONS (DGS) systems are at the heart of the RTHS and our suite of products currently include the following software platforms: