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The importance of customer satisfaction is undeniable in every industry and healthcare should be no exception. The apathetic assumption that a patient is only seeking appropriate treatment is now no longer accepted. Today, patient satisfaction and patient-centric services have become significant parameters when measuring how successful a company is in the healthcare industry.

Information is the key in healthcare and efficient communication between the patient and the healthcare provider plays an imperative role. Understanding patient satisfaction is the key to maintaining the quality of services and patient satisfaction is all about creating a perception. Highly effective communication between the healthcare provider and the patient empowers the patient, making them feel valued and this is the essence of patient satisfaction.

The DATA GROUP FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT (DGFM) system is a digital feedback platform that captures feedback responses using QR code technology via existing devices. The system collects patient feedback in real time from all the healthcare centres and measures patient satisfaction using emoticons, open text, feedback reasons/categories, dynamic and simplified questionnaire and feedback surveys.

The DGFM software allows you to create three different types of surveys in one system, capturing feedback from customers, clients, patients, staff, management and partners all in one place.


Find out how your patients are feeling


Listen to what they have to say


Learn and improve

Surveys, Pulses and Engagements can serve several purposes within a company including: improving customer/client/patient relationships, identifying areas of strength and for improvement, enhancing the quality of care and improving overall experience.

Survey settings can be applied to each survey individually such as whether the responses should be confidential, whether respondents can request contact from the company, and how the survey is delivered to the target audience.

Contact Requests can be monitored, assigned and updated in the system, creating an exportable audit trail to further assess the company’s outcomes. Exportable Report Templates are held in the system and can be scheduled to create recurring information direct to your inbox, alternatively they can be run immediately.

The optimum benefits of our surveys are achieved through effective utilisation of the analytics data. In-depth analysis of the patient feedback allows for a much better understanding of patient’s needs and prompts the most effective solutions.

We assist with the design of intuitive patient satisfaction surveys whereby your questions can be customised and tailored to specific requirements. All responses are automatically and instantaneously sent to the designated administrator(s) by email for review and if necessary, the feedback can then be acted upon.