In the UK, as the NHS treats a million patients every 36 hours (2018) and the private sector involvement encompasses an increasingly complex range of activities, the healthcare industry faces unique challenges prioritising financial sustainability, care delivery, patient centricity, digital transformation and regulatory compliance.

Healthcare locations across the UK have an overwhelming amount of equipment, devices and other medical assets needing to be tracked and managed and for every healthcare worker, there are extensive numbers of tools and devices to help them deliver the best in patient care. Once seen as a finance function, Asset Management has evolved to become a critical part of how companies operate. The common challenge for today’s companies is how to accurately keep track of its assets accumulated across the organisation.

Basic static list asset information in the form of receipts and serial numbers are now insufficient when a company needs to produce information on an asset’s history, when the asset was last serviced and by whom as well as its last operating location, its purchase history and written down value. In addition, various departments within the company will interact with the same asset but for different reasons – Finance, Procurement, Operations, Health and Safety and IT. Without reliable records, companies also risk being held to task about their duty of care, proof of ownership and of course, unforeseen events such as a workplace incident risks satisfying insurance company requirements in the event of a claim.


Full audit trails for all assets


Optimise process to increase speed


View who has taken what actions and when

Companies have limited resources – financial, labour and time. The DATA GROUP ASSET MANAGEMENT (DGAM) system recognises these constraints and achieves ROI in all these areas, optimising your company’s operations, avoiding the duplication of processes and preventing any hidden assets the company has paid for being misplaced or underutilised.

In the heavily regulated and compliance focused environment companies currently operate in, any improvement in processes which support regulatory compliance standards within the industry is an integral part of a company’s ability to operate and achieve growth.

The DGAM system has been developed as an innovative system for asset tracking and management utilising a simple and effective web platform that can be integrated with your existing systems. The centralised asset database is hosted in the Cloud and comes with digital scanning technology so you can use the smartphones and tablets you already own to scan assets, add pictures or documents and even submit service requests. Our system gives you on demand access to full histories, generates reports and tracks maintenance schedules and audits. Extensive configuration options allow any number of assets and any number of users to work the system through an easy to understand framework and dashboard.

The DGAM system for the healthcare industry provides your company with all the information you need to know about your assets and is accessible in real time wherever and whenever you need it. We understand how your industry operates and our healthcare asset tracking system is designed and built specifically for you. Whatever form of growth your company is aiming to achieve, the underlying structure of the business can make or break a business. The DGAM system lays the foundations on which to develop a successful business – the infrastructure to achieve maximum optimisation.